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Welcome to the first instalment of the DR4Rent Newsletter. This monthly newsletter will be published on our website in order to keep you informed of the movements in the rental market of Bavaro and Punta Cana. This newsletter will give you updates on what is going on in town, how rental prices are changing, and any other bits and pieces which we think you should know. Let’s get started!





DR4Sale has been enjoying its new offices in Plaza Arenal Caribe, which fronts the Grunwald II community next to El Dorado, since September 1st 2009. In just 3 months, this new location has already proven to be a great advantage to our rental business. We are benefiting from more walk-in clients who make their way to the New York Bakery or Ciccolella grocery store as well as great visibility on the corner in front of Playa Turquesa.





DR4Sale is pleased to announce that it has added two full time staff members to heighten the quality of its rental program. Our new property manager, Julia Carpio, and her assistant, Jose Martin German, are dedicated to ensuring that your property is maintained to the highest of standards, that your rental property is properly handed over and received from tenants, and that all issues are promptly reported to you so that you may feel confident that your property is receiving the best care possible.





As of early November, DR4Sale has phasing in availability calendars to the DR4Sale rental listings. This will allow you to view the reserved rental dates for your property and keep abreast of the rental activity in your condo. By January, we hope to have all of our calendars online for owners to see.




We would like to take this opportunity to recommend to all of our landlords to consider the purchase of dehumidifiers and liability insurance. First, dehumidifiers are a great way to protect your property from the damage and mildew caused by excess temperatures and humidity. This summer has been warmer and more humid than ever. For properties that are vacant, this can mean moisture problems. With a small investment in a dehumidifier costing approximately US $350, you can save yourself some expensive cleaning bills and damages. And second, liability insurance is an important investment from a safety and security perspective. With the turnover of tenants, the potential accidents inside and around the premises, and the potential craziness that comes with vacationers, liability insurance is a must to protect yourself and your valuable investment. If you would like to purchase either of these, please contact your property manager today.




Heading into December, the average long-term rental prices including the community’s monthly condo fees and the monthly cable service are as follows:


§  El Dorado 1BR for US $500/month and 2BR for US $750/month

§  Grunwald II 1BR for US $550/month and 2BR for US $850/month

§  Palm Suites 1BR for US $600/month and 2BR for US $1,000/month

§  Santa Maria 1BR for US $600/month and 2BR for US $800/month

§  Arenas de Bavaro 2BR for US $700/month



We constantly have clients seeking properties in the US $400 to US $500 per month bracket. If you are interested in lowering your rental pricing to help accommodate some of these tenants, then please let DR4Sale know. Also, if you know of any other owners who have vacant properties and are seeking help in finding tenants, then please have them contact DR4Sale.





Until next time, let’s keep working together for a bright and successful rental future!