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In 1984, Casa de Campo's owners and management made a conscious decision to detour from its classic, meticulous care for the grounds, to grow a dense mesh of foliage over 245-acres to create the most comprehensive shooting facilities in the Caribbean. In 1986, Casa de Campo's Shooting Center came to life simulating true in the wild shooting experiences for shooters of all ages and skill levels.

The 110- ft red & white tower is the focal point of this facility that features true to life hunting simulations, pigeon rings, as well as an airy clubhouse with a lush tropical African-themed ambiance. For the less adventurous, but are parched for a drink, throw back a beverage at Michael’s Bar, a wonderful compliment to a day on the range.

The Shooting Center has recently become home to a dog training facility and kennel. Here the staff trains dogs from all over the world including Spain, London, Latin America and the United States. Puppies can be found for sale on occasion, so be sure to inquire when you stop by.